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Ten years in the translation business has shown us how to get it right. Correct. On message. And we’ve also learnt what to avoid. For example, there’s an apocryphal story about a certain car manufacturer that was launching a new model throughout Europe. It was the Vauxhall Nova. The name just screamed newness, excitement and vitality. Until it got to Spain. Where the response to the new car was rather less emphatic. See, ‘no va’ in Spanish means ‘Doesn’t go’.

About Creative Translation

If only they’d taken the advice of a truly international translation service like Creative Translation. Of course, we specialise in translating content. We use local copywriters with postgraduate qualifications in translation. So if you want to keep your Czech in check, we’ll use Czech copywriters who live and work in the Czech Republic. All our translators, editors, writers, proofreaders – all 3,000 of them – are based in the country for which your content is intended. It’s the only way to avoid costly and embarrassing language issues and cringeworthy culture clashes.

But we also offer other valuable services that you shouldn’t be without if you’re exporting your proposition. Services such as market research, proof reading, typesetting, social campaigns and more.

Whether you’re an agency looking for a creative language partner or you work client-side, why not contact us today? Thanks to our experience and expertise, we’ll help you make sure your carefully crafted messages don’t get lost – in translation.