Business & Financial

Translating the language of business

How many times have you sat in a meeting and wondered what on earth someone was talking about? Sometimes it’s almost as if business and financial language is a series of riddles to solve. Now imagine how a customer would feel. Or a customer that doesn’t have English as a first language. That’s why our translation services are so popular with huge business and financial organisations.

Before we even start translating, we remove the riddles. Where possible, we work with you and your writers to build a foundation of plain English first. And then go from there. Currently we’re working on everything from direct mail and press releases to translating terms and conditions and staff manuals.

As documents are being translated, we capture stylistic language preferences, spellings, acronyms and specialist terms and store them for future use. So on your next project you’ll see a faster turnaround, clarity, continuity and consistency – and a healthy discount. And the beauty of working like this? The more you do the faster it gets and the bigger the discount for translation services. What’s more, you won’t have to waste time explaining the fundamentals of a campaign – we’ll already be up to speed.

See how our services translate into boosted profitability.