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Collection Of Style Case Study

Thanks to its commitment to design, quality and affordability, Collection of Style – COS – gives its customers a wide range of current clothing. The attire is welcomed all over Europe and beyond. We’d actually recommend you take a look at their site and buy some clothes!

But stop. The point is, it doesn’t really matter where you are. Because Creative Translation has sorted out the language in countries as diverse as Turkey, China, Poland and Russia. And – really – that’s why we’d like you take a look at their sites.

You’ll notice that there’s a meticulous attention to detail. A commitment to the brand. It states quality but it says affordable. And that’s what we, at Creative Translation, are striving to communicate.

Down to business. For COS, Creative Translation provides a complete managed service: taking in original text, translation, setting into artwork, providing cultural recommendations, checking final artwork, translation resource management and glossary and termbase management.

What’s more, with non-European languages, we can cater for obscure typefaces such as Russian, Greek or even Thai, ensuring everything is acutely accented. Well. Where necessary.

And with our artworking service, in any language, you’ll always be assured of a perfect fit. Just like COS.

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