Think of it as a massage for your message.

You have already invested considerably in building your brand.

So why throw all of that away, just because your communications need to be translated? Our native-speaking editors are adept at taking your brand-building content translation, subbing it to fit, embracing cultural differences… and still letting your brand shine through.

Is this right? — Ed.

Our editors will quiz and question you when they see your translated content. ‘This back translates as this. Do you really want to say it like that? This doesn’t correlate with your brand values. Shall we change it so it reads like this? This actually sounds like a joke in Arabic. I think you mean home, not house.’

Now. Does that sound comforting or scary? It’s comforting if you’ve got expert editors on hand to ask the searching questions that will get your copywriting right. It’s scary if you haven’t.

In the end, we’ll keep your messaging on message and your brand on brand. Your content will look and sound like it was written and produced in the country in which it appears. Natural. Accurate. Culturally fitting. It’ll appeal to the local audience but maintain and sustain all of your corporate values. That’s our promise. Put us to the test.