Educational Communications

Learn how we can help with specialist translation

We can create accurate and engaging translated materials – at every level of education.

From pre-school flash cards to PhD theses. And whether your materials are aimed at students or staff, our team of over 3,000 expert writers, translators and editors are ready to help. You see, because we insist that every member of our team has a postgraduate qualification in translation, they come pre-programmed with extensive experience of the education sector.

The secret to teaching is to make lessons interesting and relevant. So with lesson plans for example, when they need to be translated, our writers will take care to preserve the interest and the relevance. So a translated lesson will always be as engaging as the original. We can also help with translating textbooks for all age groups and teacher support materials.

Our translators are technically minded. So even the most complicated technical or scientific paper won’t faze them. And they’re all native speakers, based in the country in which your materials will be used.