Restoring the faith in faithful translation

F & F Clothing Case Study

Sometimes major organisations come to us because their previous translation company hasn’t quite come up with the goods. That’s what happened with F & F, Tesco’s clothing-brand magazine. It’s a quarterly, produced by contract publisher John Brown Media.

The F & F brand managers simply weren’t happy with the quality of the translation: nothing adhered to the tone of voice or brand guidelines; there were terrible conflicts with local cultures.

We stepped in.

Creative Translation organised a translator and an editor for each language; five central European languages. Then we set the copy in the artwork taking into account the variable lengths of the languages (German is about one-third longer than English, for example).

Moreover, this particular project was incredibly complex. We had to moderate discussions, settle disagreements and track every single change request. There were five magazines being produced and translated – by us – simultaneously.

Meanwhile, edits in the original language were being made, impacting on the rest of production. We took and tracked every amendment and implemented them across the whole library of journals.

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