Fashion & Lifestyle

Like language, fashion never stands still.

To say fashion changes rapidly is a rather radical understatement. It’s constantly evolving.

There are ever-changing trends, new ranges of clothes and accessories. It’s almost impossible to keep up. But our clients demand that we do. Because language currency is vital, we keep right up to date with trending terms and have a team who specialise in fashion copy translation.

We take the trouble to get to know our clients’ audiences in the territories they want to promote to because no two countries are exactly the same. And we adjust language, with word play and idiom, appropriately to make your communications as appealing as your apparel. 

Just as every country is different, every client is different. So we get to know you and your business thoroughly before we translate or proofread a single word. After all, when you’re communicating about clothes, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t do.