Legal Translation

When it really matters, we get it right.

Legal documents are sometimes tough enough to understand in English. So how do you stop the challenge being exacerbated when they’re translated?

You need a translation agency that has vast experience in working with complex legal document translation. That understands legal terms’ vagaries. That appreciates how the slightest error could render a case or a contract invalid.

But don’t take our word for it. We already have long-standing relationships with legal practices, banks, insurance companies and other organisations where absolute accuracy is an absolute must.

All of our 3,000 translators, writers and editors must sign a formal non-disclosure contract. So you can allow us to work on your documents with complete confidence. We can also provide certified and notarised legal translation.

Whether you need a complete case translating or just the small print on a piece of packaging. Creative Translation can help. With total accuracy and complete confidentiality.