Medical Translation

At last — a cure for bad translation

There are few sectors where translation could potentially mean the difference between life and death. But in the medicine and healthcare sectors it can.

That’s why, at Creative Translation, we only use medical translators with a science degree that’s directly relevant to your field of business. Of course, all of our 3,000 translators, writers and editors have post-graduate qualifications in translation, too. We insist on it.

Translating complex medical words and terms that are based on Latin and chemical formulas is a challenge. But our scientific translators are up to it. We work with scientific, pharmaceutical and healthcare clients all over the world to ensure their materials – from promotion to patient information – are translated clearly, accurately and safely.

What’s more, we recognise that the style of language needs to be adjusted depending on the audience. Drug distributors don’t speak the same language as doctors. Patients don’t speak like pharmacists. And the language we use has to reflect that.

Why not join some of the world’s major drug companies and scientists for translation that’ll make you feel better?