Three rules for conquering international markets:

Research, research, research.

Involving your translation partner early pays dividends.

With our global network of experts, we can advise you on everything from cultural issues to the inevitable language problems you’ll face. And solve them before they start. And it doesn’t just stop at language. We can help you with imagery, formats, media, trademarks and we can put you in contact with local professionals on the ground.

How would you go about organising a focus group in Finland? Could you test a product’s packaging in Portugal? Get signage in Switzerland?

We’re here – and there.

We’re here for you. But our 3,000 translators, copywriters, editors and proofreaders are all over the world. They’re native speakers. They live and work in the countries where you want to put your promotions, editorial and advertising – on or off line. Our people are naturally absorbed in their local culture. They watch TV. Go out to eat. Meet their friends and go to concerts, the theatre and the cinema. They’re involved. But, above all, they’re professional translating copywriters.

That’s how we can readily advise you on how your product or proposition will fit when you’re exploring overseas markets.