Are Smart Technologies Leading to Smart Translations?

Language & The Media Conference 2014


The lightning-fast pace of technology demands that professionals in the translation and media industry constantly update their knowledge on new trends and products. Wondering how to keep on top of all the new trends in these sectors? Read on…

Smart Technologies, Smart Translations’ is the theme of Languages & The Media – the 10th International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media, which will take place in Berlin from 5 – 7 November 2014.

This annual three-day event will bring together professionals from different fields and experts from various countries and backgrounds. They will be discussing the new scenarios and perspectives in the translation and media industries.

The agenda will focus on the impact of the most advanced technologies on media production, distribution and consumption, as well as the current challenges and opportunities linked to the translation and localisation of movies, TV programmes and other audiovisual media.

Languages & The Media 2014: ‘Smart Technologies, Smart Translations’

The speakers will talk the audience through the latest developments in machine translation, cloud storage, digital television and voice recognition. There will also be discussions on the major implications of the increasing demand of multilingual subtitling, dubbing and voiceover services.

This conference is not only a great opportunity to find out more about the latest trends and developments in the language and media sectors. It is also an opportunity for the attendees to share best practices and techniques based on their hands-on experience.

Participants will vary from media producers, decision-makers and distributors of audiovisual products and services, to language specialists, translators, researchers and experts in translation and media studies.

To ensure a dynamic agenda, the programme encompasses a variety of activities such as pre-conference workshops on 5 November. On the two main conference days, there will be 60 – 90 minutes presentation sessions and panel discussions addressing specific conference topics.

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