Social Media Translation

Making your messages friendly. Worldwide.

Facebook alone has, according to some estimates, 1.5 billion active monthly users worldwide. Twitter: 140 million active users. LinkedIn 225 million members. Google+ is forecast to trump Facebook. Bloggers? Who knows? And, by the nature of social, these numbers are growing all the time.

That’s why you can’t ignore the potential power of promotion and publication using these apps, sites and other online devices. But they’re all thinking global. So if you want your social campaign to work effectively and profitably, so should you.

Translating social into profitable.

There’s no doubting that social works. But only if you get it right in every language. That’s why we have people who have the experience and expertise to create world-friendly messaging that’s on budget and on time. We can take your messages, take in the cultural nature of the territory and back translate your social content for your approval before it goes live. If you publish it, you’ve said it – and there’s little going back.

All you can eat. Buy. And live.

We can do anything from the occasional blog update to full-on social campaigns. Where to eat? Where to buy? Where to live? Wherever you are. You give us your ideas and we’ll get on with integrating and translating your messaging so it’s fit for a truly global market.