The driving force behind one of golf’s leading brands

TaylorMade Case Study

Language, like golf, is full of nuance and technicality. So when TaylorMade, one of the game’s leading brands came to us to represent their name globally, we were ready.

For TaylorMade, we don’t just translate. We interpret every aspect of every sentence. We use mother-tongue translators who are also copywriters in their own right. That way, we can manage the translation of their gamut of sales and promotional literature. And that includes advertising, brochures, sales sheets, packaging, manuals, product descriptions, event packs, catalogues – even terms and conditions. What’s more, we regularly review internal training materials and newsletters.

Writing in the mother tongue is relatively easy – most people can do it to an extent. But what’s the Spanish for to ‘tee off’? What’s the Portuguese for a ‘green’? Is a ‘driver’ a ‘driver’ in south-east Asia? Would you know the difference between a golf driver and a bus driver? In Thai?

At Creative Translation, we query every idea, every formulated sentence. We research technical terminology and get it right. When new concepts come along, we make sure the translated material reads as well, and performs as effectively as the original content.

We’ve established a long-term business relationship with TaylorMade. We’ve been working with them since 2005. That’s how we can ensure that their content – wherever it’s seen around the world – is consistent and translated to a standard that befits their high-quality products.

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