Technology & Communications

We know technology so well, we develop it.

Creative Translation is unique. Not just because we have over 3,000 native translators, copywriters, editors and proofreaders worldwide. Not only because of the way we ‘get’ technology. Nor because we’re adept at tuning in rapidly to your brand’s core and extended values. We’re unique because we can accurately reflect your tone of voice, consistently, in any language.

And there’s more. We have developed our own bespoke workflow and translation project management solution. It can handle massive groups of documents, in multiple languages and in the technology field, that’s important. Two things you’ll already know about the sector. One, it never stands still. Two, language is complex, esoteric – and crammed full of acronyms, mnemonics and abbreviations. These all need translating. So we use translation memory and glossary management tools as a matter of course.

You need translators, editors and project managers that are adept at understanding hugely technical subjects quickly. And you need a workflow management system that can keep track of amendments, comments and the document revisions themselves.

At Creative Translation, we can offer you both. Because we have the technology.