We don’t translate words. We translate meaning.

You’ve invested time, resources and money in getting your messaging absolutely bang on.

You’ve got emotive, powerful and well-tested concepts and content. And it’s time to translate it into umpteen separate territories.

If it’s your responsibility to get the content translated, how about choosing an agency with over 3,000 native-speaking copywriters, linguists, editors and researchers based in the countries where your materials will appear? How about one that doesn’t just translate, but actively engages with the meaning of your content… that appreciates any cultural issues there might be when your campaign hits the ground… and can advise on imagery as well as words? After all, what’s a picture worth?

Creative translation. With the emphasis on ‘creative’.

At Creative Translation, the clue’s in the name. We approach every translation project with creative minds. We don’t just translate the words that you give us. It simply doesn’t work like that. You’d expect a translator to know how to translate idioms and reform idiosyncratic English constructions. But even that’s not enough. Your translating copywriters need to engage with your brand. Immerse themselves into exactly what you’re trying to communicate. And be fully up to date with local culture and the exact same idiosyncrasies of the target language.

Idiomatic. Not idiotic.

For example, in English, when someone’s ‘taking the mick,’ you say ‘you’ve got a nerve’. In Spanish, neither of those work when translated directly. You have to say ‘you have a big face and I am going to tell you four things’. Which, back in English, sounds totally insane. Your beautifully shot and lit poster campaign for your perfume brand is going to be adored across Europe. But we can tell you something. It won’t go down too well in the Middle East (not when the model has a glass of wine in her hand it won’t).

Our translating copywriters, based all over the world, know how to maintain your messaging and make it work in the local territories. And we have experience in sectors such as fashion, automotive, technology and communications – as well as in healthcare where Latin and drug-name translations are difficult. And legal work. Where the language is an artform in itself.