Helping to make global brands local

Unilever Case Study

Unilever isn’t a company that most consumers are aware of. But they certainly know the product brands. Where would we be without Ben & Jerry’s? Or Persil to clean up the mess?

Naturally, when you’re operating in the global marketplace, you need to communicate in various languages. And it starts with concepts. How well will they be received, perceived and understood? Do they fit the culture of the territory in which they are to be exposed? Do you need to make radical adjustments to your messaging to be truly competitive?

Of course you do. That’s where Creative Translation comes in. With Unilever, we start at the concept stage – even before the translation phase begins. We take output from qualitative testing and adapt the messaging to suit the local audience.

We call it transcreation: taking creative concepts from the initial idea to fruition in the specific country or territory. Thanks to our experience, we can anticipate linguistic, cultural or even typographical challenges, and implement your campaigns successfully and profitably.

With Unilever, we operate a turnkey service. Concept to copy to finished artwork to delivery.