We got to know their brand. Backwards.

Virgin Case Study

Airlines tend to be, by virtue, global. It’s the essence of their business. So you need to know the language of the customer. Wherever they are.

By using native-speaking copywriters, we’re able to produce persuasive multi-national writing for markets that aren’t so familiar with a brand. Certainly, Virgin is big in the UK – one of the biggest brands there is. But how did we help to expand the brand? How did we meet the expectations of the international markets?

We worked closely with Virgin Atlantic’s digital PR agency to develop a series of frequent-flyer emails, carefully adhering to the cultures and customs of the territories for which they were intended. It didn’t stop there. Creative Translation took letters from Richard Branson, leaflets and flyers, tickets, magazines and menus, capturing the spirit of the language. Plus, we were able to advise on appropriate imagery as well as wording.

The end solution was to develop a comprehensive toolkit of translation guidelines, highlighting the core values of a British brand, but maintaining the cultures of the Gulf, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Some of our material also goes into Hindi. We even translated their entire trade website into Japanese and Chinese.

Creative Translation continues to work with Virgin Atlantic. We ensure that glossaries and termbases are kept up to date. Every revision of every piece of collateral is measured against our documentation.

Content is usually created in one language to be translated later. But when large organisations need to globalise their communications, Creative Translation comes in. We translate. Creatively. That’s why we’re called Creative Translation.