Website Localisation: Does it Really Improve Sales?

website localisation improve sales

Is website localisation a good investment to grow your sales globally? Or is your English-only website enough?

If you believe, as many others out there, that the majority of people who are not native English speakers feel comfortable using websites in English to buy products and services – well, you are getting it wrong!

That is what a survey conducted by Common Sense Advisory has demonstrated early this year. The survey reveals that online consumers have a marked preference for buying in their own language. The research, which has involved more than 3,000 people across ten different countries, aimed at answering the most common questions companies ask when it comes to going global or approaching a new market: is it worth spending money and time localising products and websites? How much does it affect sales?

According to this survey, investing on website localisation is a definite benefit. This is because people all over the world present a strong predilection towards their native language when buying online. Not only are they less likely to purchase on English-only websites, but some of them even declare to boycott English-language URLs.

Results showed that people generally spend less either time on, or avoid, using English-only websites. This is especially true when they lack instructions and post-sales customer support in their own language.

The infographic below displays a summary of the key findings from the survey with a focus on five major countries – Japan, China, Germany, Turkey and France.

website localisation infographic 2014

As you can see, language can strongly influence buying decisions. However, website localisation is not just about getting the translation right. As for international marketing in general, there are other factors to consider. These can be domain names, cultural issues, payment preferences and currencies.

That is why it is crucial to carefully investigate your target country’s culture and turn to professional native speaker translators when it comes to localise your product/website. Otherwise, you will risk missing the opportunity to improve your global customer’s experience, which is the key to a greater likelihood of purchase.

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