Interview With the Winner of Our Get Creative Competition

In October we announced the winner of our Get Creative competition and last week we went to the beautiful city of Bristol to meet Gemma (@helloitsgemma), the winner!

Gemma entered our competition via Twitter and her imaginative winning entry was – “translation should be creative because words hold hands with culture and culture is diverse, multi-layered and never simplistic.”

It was great to meet a very happy Gemma face to face in a central Bristol café to present her with her prize and have a chat about her thoughts on the translation industry and what inspired her answer.


Winning entry inspiration

When asked about where Gemma got the inspiration to come up with her entry she told us it came from her previous experience when working with refugees living in the UK who came from different countries all around the world and spoke a diverse range of languages.

The refugees couldn’t speak English so interpreters and translators bridged the culture and language gap between Gemma and refugees to allow communication – “Working with refugees along with translators and interpreters made me realise that language and culture are intrinsically related, and translation cannot be treated superficially”.

Cultural diversity is expressed through language. There are several aspects to consider in translation such as cultural concepts and language nuances and putting creativity to work is fundamental when it comes to translation.

Thinking back to the competition and her winning entry, we wondered what Gemma found interesting about the translation industry.

“I think language is taken for granted. Good translation is very important!” – she told us.

We agree with Gemma, translation mediates ideas across languages and cultural boundaries. It goes beyond merely replacing the source text with text in the target language. Translation can shape opinions and attitudes.

Putting the camera to good use

 Our time with our competition winner went quickly and lastly we asked if Gemma had any quirky ways she might use the camera whilst she is out and about. She told us she has a passion for photography and that she has recently been enjoying taking pictures of nature and landscape. So, the camera would be great when she wants to capture some scenic shots around Bristol – “I can’t wait to start using my new camera, it is such an incredible prize”, she told us.

It was a pleasure to meet Gemma and we are glad the camera will be put to good use!