Advertising & Marketing

Effective. Global. Messaging.

If you work in advertising or marketing, you’ll know about the high pressure. The deadlines. The differences of opinion. The late nights. And how your clients can be a challenge at times. But those are some of the reasons we work in this business, right? Copywriters or in-house teams carefully craft and hone your messaging. They fiddle and tweak until it’s just right. You’re happy. The client’s happy. Finally.

Then comes the ‘translation phase.’ This campaign’s going global.

But there’s another way. Involve us earlier – preferably right at the initial briefing stage. Because we guarantee it will save you time and money in the long run. We can help you test creative routes. Avoid blind alleys. And get your campaign to the global market quicker.

We can arrange conference calls with native-speaking writers and editors to get you off on the right foot. And so, with the Creative Translation method, there is no ‘translation phase’. The translation is already built in – seamlessly, right from the beginning. Our translators and editors are ready-aligned with the brand. And, what’s more, we’ll assign the same team for future advertising or marketing translation projects so there’s no steep learning curve every time you start something new.

It’s just a smarter way of working.