Accurate and precise technical services

The word “typesetting” derives from the original method of printing when blocks of letters were arranged to assemble words and sentences. Digital technology has revolutionised the process beyond recognition, but the old rules and principles still apply.


Every language has its own typographical conventions and standards. Our in-house multilingual team provides typesetting in all Western and Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages.

Languages can expand and contract in translation by as much as 20%. Careful adjustments need to be made to make the language fit, while retaining the overall appearance and feel of the message. These adjustments must be consistent and applied globally while conforming to the established styles and grids set up within the original artwork.

What the Font?

Fonts are often limited in the range of languages they can support. We have a vast library of multilingual typefaces. We also work closely with major font foundries around the world to find the perfect match for your corporate style in any language.