Video Translation & Subtitling

It’s all in the edit.

Ever seen a foreign film that’s been spectacularly and accurately dubbed or subtitled? More likely, you’ll remember the ones that haven’t been. The terrible specimens that make you laugh out loud.

At Creative Translation, we have a team of expert video editors and translators that will make your creation memorable and effective. For all the right reasons. It’s an extremely specialist skill that requires optimal attention to detail. And a task that should only ever be entrusted to professionals.

Of course, we can prepare subtitles that complement the on-screen action and dialogue perfectly. Our subtitlists and editors keep your messaging natural, flowing and consistent.

But we can also help you with localised graphical idents, the creation of title sequences – including localised typography, DVD menus and menu structures and editing to adjust timings.

It’s a complete translation studio package, from footage to feature.